WACREN SSL Certificates Bounty for E-Infrastructure From H2020 EU Project

WACREN was an affiliate partner in eI4Africa, a FP7 project funded by the European Commission to raise awareness of NRENs and the potential of e-Infrastructures. Eko-Konnect also participated in the project by hosting a workshop in the University of Lagos and deploying a Certification Authority and CatchAll Identity Provider for Nigeria to demonstrate federated access for higher education.

Sci-GaIA is a follow on project seeking in part to expand the gains in eI4Africa with training to develop the Science Gateways that make federated access even more valuable. The project seeks data and application providers in our universities and research centres and will administer a survey to identify interested parties.

High assurance SSL certificates are widely used in Identity Federations and other distributed IT infrastructures for research where trusted identity is mandatory. In eI4Africa, WACREN had an arrangement with Comodo to provide free SSL certificates for the servers deployed.

To help NRENs gather momentum to strategise for the longer term, the Sci-GaIA project has a new Comodo deal, with 5000 free SSL certificates for up to 3 years - http://discourse.sci-gaia.eu/t/agreement-with-comodo-for-digital-certifi...

These new certificates are offered on a first come first serve basis and open to all the regional RENs in Africa who have a 12-month period to negotiate a competititve framework arrangement for the future (Eko-Konnect will assist here).

The certificates are not your typical low-cost SSL certificates. They are high assurance, IGTF certified valued at about 3000 Euros when issued as wildcard certificates for the recommended 3 years. Certificates issued in this ramp up phase are not affected by the decision the RRENs eventually take.

To take advantage of this opportunity for your campus fill the form at http://goo.gl/forms/NC6HKKF1Kz

If you are responsible for your institution's network and IT infrastructure and need more details or assistance you can send an e-mail to secretariat@eko-konnect.org.ng