Federated Identity and Mobility Seminar Held

The Federated Identity and Mobility Seminar successfully took place on 7 October 2015 with participatants from institutions within the Eko-Konnect community and wider NgREN community in attendance.

Charles Uwadia, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Eko-Konnect opened proceedings setting the scene for the seminar by expressing the importance that federated identity and access brings to research and education. After a brief summary of Eko-Konnect's recent activities by Owen Iyoha, General Manager of Eko-Konnect, the audience was treated to insightful presentations from Anthony Adejumo on behalf of Joshua Atah, MD, NgREN on developing Nigeria's Identity Federation and Boubakar Barry, CEO of WACREN who explained the WACREN EduID infrastructure to the audience and described Horizon 2020 and the upcoming AfricaConnect2 projects that WACREN is invovled in.

Virtual presentations via Skype by Brook Schofield, Project Development Officer for GÉANT on the role of eduGAIN and eduROAM within global federations and Roberto Barbera from Catania University and the Sci-GaIA project Consortium Partner on Federated Platforms for Open Science Commons in Africa kept the audience captivated.

The afternoon's practical demonstrations of the NgREN Catchall Identity Provider and Certification Authority by Cletus Okolie, Technical Manager of Eko-Konnect provided opportunity for participants to get a hands on feel and understanding of how IdPs and SPs work within a federation.

The final session of the seminar was an interactive discussion of steps required to ensure the development of the NgREN federation and Eko-Konnect community’s full participation within it. Tirimisiyu Oladimeji an Eko-Konnect Board Of Trustee member, applauded the efforts of Eko-Konnect technical team and encouraged continued collaboration with NgREN to ensure to that all 28 Eko-Konnect institutions had their IdP's in place by the end of the year especially as the WACREN EduID infrastructure is available to facilitae the process. He hoped that the NgREN Federation would be fully established within the shortest possible time. It was also agreed that Eko-Konnect would create and distribute a template and schedule of training workshops and implementation requirements to its members for the establishment of their campus IdP's.

Institutions beyond the Eko-Konnect environs present at the seminar including University of Abuja, University of Ibadan, and Nnamdi Azikiwe University expressed their wish to also develop their campus IdPs and this became an immediate action point for Eko-Konnect to work with these institutions to establish their IdP's.

All the presentations can be obtained from Seminar Presentations