WACREN e-Research Hackfest

As part of WACREN participation in the European Commission Horizon 2020 Sci-GaIA project and promotion of open and reproducible scientific research, Eko-Konnect will host a 10-day e-research hackfest in the Lagos State University, Ojo.

Institutions and applicants from the region who couldn't participate in the Summer Hackfest that took place at the University of Catania, Italy in July 2016 now have the opportunity to do so closer to home and are invited to apply.

The main objective of the hackfest is to integrate scientific use cases through a pervasive adoption of web technologies and standards and make them available to their end users through Science Gateways (entities connected to distributed computing, data and services of interest to the Community of Practice the end users belong to).

Venue and dates
The hackfest will take place from 21 - 30 November 2016 at the Lagos State University (School of Transport), Ojo, Lagos: Facilitated by the Department of Computer Science.

Interested parties are encouraged to present use cases for adoption and integration into science gateways by applying for the event. The hackfest will be conducted in English and the closing date for applications is 4th November 2016. Successful applicants will be notified by 7th November 2016.

Applications and deadlines:
Participation in the e-Research Lagos Hackfest is by invitation, on the basis of proposed use cases. If you want to be selected to attend the Lagos e-research hackfest, please apply at: http://surveys.eko-konnect.org.ng and choose the WACREN eResearch Application Form.

Applicants will need to upload the following documents in PDF format as part of the application:
1. A description of your use case which you will also present during the hackfest.
2. Letter of interest and support of the applicant and subsequent related activity signed by the Chief Executive of your institution and/or the Head of Department or Dean of Faculty directly responsible for the project use case using your institution's official letterhead.
3. Applicant's CV.

Prerequisite skills for applicants:
Applicants should be familiar with the use of REST APIs and should know the full stack (both front-end and back-end) of the use case they want to propose. While possessing the pre-requisite technical skills is mandatory, applicants must be affiliated with the research use case and/or the researchers responsible for the use case.

For further enquiries e-mail: secretariat@eko-konnect.org.ng

Medallion and Eko-Konnect enter agreement to provide shared infrastructure for research and education


Eko-Konnect extends collaboration with datacenter operator to improve infrastructure challenges in higher education

Lagos, Nigeria - 24 September 2016

Lagos based research and education initiative, Eko-Konnect has signed agreement with datacenter operator, Medallion Communications Limited to provide shared computing and network resources for the education and academic communities.

This builds on existing Eko-Konnect NOC services operated from the datacenter and is aimed at satisfying the increasing need for stable and reliable e-infrastructure, connectivity and services currently placing high demand on already stretched ICT resources in Nigerian institutions.

Cloud service based platforms can help the education sector catch up with the global open standards used in research and education and bring innovation by collaboration among researchers and students locally and globally. Such cloud services must use secure and trusted domains by adopting a number of security services and frameworks like dns security and federated identity.

Medallion Communications and Eko-Konnect have agreed to partner to make education cloud services available to the research and education community in Nigeria and NRENs beyond Nigeria. Through the partnership, Medallion will deliver data hosting and Internet connectivity for the various services Eko-Konnect will deploy and manage for institutions and NREN communities.

During the MoU signing ceremony, Mr Ike Nnamani, Managing Director of Medallion Communications said "An MoU of this nature has been long overdue to bring impetus to the development of the education sector in Nigeria. The education cloud service offering also gives an excellent opportunity to those institutions that have been sidelined through to lack of connectivity and infrastructure to become relevant and abreast with the services and skills they need to be a successful research and education institution in the 21st century".

Mr Owen Iyoha, General Manager of Eko-Konnect welcomed the collaboration saying "This MoU comes at an opportune time when many initiatives are emerging at the West African regional level to promote and improve education and health services through national research and education networks. We hope the services to be offered as a result of this MoU will dovetail into these regional initiatives."

Both expressed optimism of a successful rollout of education cloud services for research and education with a large adoption by NgREN members and other West African NRENs after the initial pilot.

Eko-Konnect Research and Education Initiative
47 Iwaya Road, Onike,
Lagos, Nigeria

Medallion Communications Limited
8A Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria

DevOps for Federated services - 8-10 March 2016

Eko-Konnect will host a 3 day training workshop which will introduce participants to service development in a federated environment using the DevOps approach, continuous integration and testing, and focussing on Ansible, Travis and Jenkins as tools.

Two days will be dedicated to the DevOps and CI tools, with one day dedicated to the application of these to federated service and identity providers.

It is a must attend workshop for programmers, server administrators and web developers responsible for maintaining their institutions ICT infrastructure, automating the deployment of server configurations and services across their networks. It is especially for those who want to build their institutions’ Identity Provider as part of their NREN Federation.

The workshop is hosted in collaboration with WACREN and members of the Sci-GaIA project.

Agenda: http://indico.wacren.net/event/25/
Venue: Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), University of Lagos.
Date: 8th March to 10th March 2016
Time: 8am to 5pm
Who Should Attend: Programmers, server administrators and web developers responsible for maintaining and developing their institution's ICT infrastructure.

Enabling and Improving Research Output : e-Infrastructure and services for African research communities - 11 March 2016

In collaboration with WACREN and the Sci-GaIA project, Eko-Konnect will host a 1-day seminar to provide an overview of the e-Infrastructure model and explain how NRENs and other institutes can provide services to research communities and how they typically benefit from these services.

The seminar will be highly interactive with examples from local researchers within Eko-Konnect and NgREN community and also from international researchers. Participants will be updated about ongoing African e-Infrastructure projects and how to participate and benefit from them.

The seminar will be moderated by Sci-GAIA Project team leaders working on global open science initiatives and members from Eko-Konnect and NgREN community.

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